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Who to Thank This Month

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November presents us with a fresh opportunity to thank the people who’ve made a difference in our lives. There’s something to be grateful for in most, if not all, of the people you come in contact with. But if you’re struggling to find someone to appreciate, the Crofton Village Blog is here to remind you of who to remember when you’re handing out the thank-you cards this November — whether they’re in your own apartment community or elsewhere in Crofton, MD.

Family and Friends

These people are probably already near and dear to your heart, but sometimes those closest to us are the ones we forget to thank. Express appreciation for people including parents, spouses, and siblings, but don’t forget about your favorite cousin, a distant aunt or uncle, or your best friend’s sibling who you have a good relationship with. These people, however close you feel you are to them, are sure to be touched by your thoughtfulness, and the good vibes can last long past the holidays.

People at Work

Thank those who have made career changes smoother, who have helped you enjoy or learn better at work. Sometimes even if you have a passion for what you do, a big part of your job satisfaction can come from those you interact with on a daily basis. Make an effort this month to thank workers who make your work environment a good one. They’ll appreciate it, and your work culture can continue to thrive because of it!

Also thank the people you may not always come in contact with, but who do a lot for your company. Whether they’re custodians, receptionists, IT workers, or maintenance workers, they always deserve appreciation.

Someone Who Has Served You

You might be tempted to feel embarrassed to thank someone for a service that happened long ago, but you don’t have to be. They will love that you remembered and that it meant enough to leave a lasting impact. And even if your words of appreciation aren’t as well-received by one person as you’d wish them to be, it’s still a practice that sends out good vibes into the world and that trains you to be more thankful. So take a chance and don’t dismiss your kind thoughts!

Someone Who Has Taught You

November is also a good time to reflect on life lessons and thank those who have taught you well. Whether they’re formal teachers or acquaintances who once gave you a bit of impactful advice, thank them for listening to you, being there for you, sacrificing their time to teach you, and teaching you the value of their lesson.

There’s no limit to who you can thank any day of the year. We hope you have fun thanking people! Thanks for reading!