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Tricks to Teach Your Cat or Dog


Crofton Village Blog, Crofton, MD  Teach your cat or your dog a fun trick or two this season for a good way to encourage discipline and a healthy relationship. Try these tricks!


Long gone are the days of the “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” adage! Embrace change as the seasons do and find ways to better interact with your pet here at Crofton Village by teaching it a trick or two. Today we have a few tricks you can teach your cat or dog as a fun start to the warmer summer months here in Crofton, MD.


For Cats

Giving Kisses

A lot of people think cats are aloof and impossible to train. While they may be difficult to train, they are also affectionate and trusting when with an owner they trust. So encourage some interaction between you and your cat by using cat food or treats to teach them to give kisses. Be sure to say “Kiss!” as they eat the food on your face!



Teaching your cat to sit is basic, but it is an important skill to have if you want to teach your cat other tricks, like standing on hind legs or dancing! Try the tips from Kitty Lover News and pair your efforts with a lot of patience and you can move onto another trick.


For Dogs


For an easy trick that’s sure to help break the ice when introducing your pet to a new person, try teaching your dog to wave. It’s surprisingly easy. Just keep on stock your dog’s favorite treats and a clicker if you are using clicker training. To complete this trick, your dog should first know how to shake paws. Follow the rest of the tutorial at The Spruce.


Playing the Piano

This trick is a bit more advanced and it requires a lot of dedication and persistence in getting your dog not only interested in a piano or keyboard but also in getting them to play it. But take it in steps and reward them generously for their actions and you’ll have the next Mozbark in no time!


Of course, not all these tricks (or any) may work for your pet. Just remember to be patient and to encourage them to establish good habits, whether they are trick-related or not. Maybe as they do their capacity to learn more tricks will increase. These tips from WikiHow for how to teach your cat to do tricks may be useful in establishing good habits for your cat or your dog!


What are your favorite tricks to teach your pet? Share your ideas with the rest of the apartment community by leaving a comment below. Be sure to include any tried-and-true tips so we can better help our pets hone their skills! Good luck, and have fun!