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Table Settings for Valentine's Day

Whether you’re dining in with a special someone, hosting a Valentine’s Day get-together with friends, or treating yourself to a peaceful night in your apartment at Crofton Village this Valentine’s Day, you can make it special by creating a beautiful table setting. Try one of these table setting ideas for Valentine’s Day to make the holiday in Crofton, MD stand out.


Blooming Place Card Setting from Martha Stewart

The 14th slide in Martha Stewart’s slideshow for Valentine’s Day flowers is simple, sweet, and personal. As the site describes, “fold a 3-by-8-inch piece of card stock in half, inscribe it with a name, and cut a small hole in the crease. Trim a rose stem to 2 ½ inches; slide it through the hole. Place in a plastic floral tube.” This idea also works if, instead of a one-on-one date, you’re hosting a get-together with friends and you want to add a touch of fanciness to the table.


A Table with Flowers from Elle Decor

This slideshow is inspiring us to head to the nearest floral shop in Crofton! You can do all sorts of decorating with flowers, and most anything you do will be fitting for the holiday because flowers are, by nature, romantic, delicate, and beautiful. Choose the favorite flower of whoever is going to be your company and see what you can do to make an arrangement with it.


We especially love the sixth slide from the slideshow, which has the idea to create a folk-inspired table with multi-colored floral plates, a striped runner, and gold flatware.


Creative Centerpiece from House Beautiful

Flowers may be typical of this month’s holiday, but not everyone enjoys or even has the budget for them. If you want to skip the fresh florals, use another trinket around your home for a centerpiece. We love the color scheme in the eighth slide of House Beautiful’s romantic tablescapes slideshow, which features some sort of oil lamp and metallic rose for a centerpiece. Get inspired and do something similar with what you have at home!


What are your favorite ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day? Share your ideas with the rest of us in the comments. Thanks for reading. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!