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How to Throw a Rockin’ Halloween Party

Halloween party planning supplies
We hope you’re pumped for October, fall, and the upcoming fall and winter holidays. Halloween is almost here, and celebrating it is a great way to commemorate the season and give yourself and your loved ones something fun to do. Today the Crofton Village Blog has tips for throwing a great Halloween party in your apartment here in Crofton, MD for a night everyone will remember.

Have a theme.

Throwing a themed party seems like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be! It can actually make the experience more fulfilling for everyone and more fun for you to throw. Whether it’s a fun-and-games theme or a full-on murder mystery theme, simply having a direction you want your party to go can give you a guide for the treats you serve, decorations you put up, and activities you do. Pinterest has great Halloween party themes and ideas. Check them out and get inspired!

Turn up the music.

Read the room and anticipate how you want your plans to play out. Gauge how the volume of the background music will help facilitate the experience you’re hoping to achieve. (Also remember that living in an apartment with neighbors may factor into how loud your music should be.) Music is a great way to help set the mood, though, so check out Spotify’s Halloween party playlist for a great place to start.

Play some games.

If you’re not necessarily throwing a party with a more involved theme but you still want your guests to have fun, come up with games to bring everyone together. It can be as simple as a board game, a card game, or get-to-know-you games. Or you can put a little more effort in and try an idea for Halloween party games from Pinterest. Keep a few different options available but stick to two or three to avoid overwhelming yourself or your guests.

Dress up.

It’s Halloween, so put together a fun costume! It’s an easy way to make your party fit in with the holiday and to create an opportunity for your guests to bond and talk over something. Plus, no one will feel awkward dressed up if everyone else is! Make it worth the effort by giving out prizes for the best and most creative costumes.

What are your best tips for throwing a Halloween party everyone will love? Share your ideas with us in the comments. Thanks for reading. We hope you have an enjoyable time celebrating Halloween — or staying in and enjoying the season — this month.