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How to Get through Spring Cleaning Low-Stress


Crofton Village Blog, Crofton, MD  Get in the mindset for conquering spring cleaning by trying our ideas and tips for doing so without wearing yourself out.


Spring is here in Crofton, MD, and so is the perfect time to clean your Crofton Village apartment! Take this month as an opportunity for you to deep clean for a fresh apartment to relax in and upkeep. Try these tips to make the cleaning process easier for you this month.


Set a schedule.

If impromptu cleaning works for you, that’s great! But oftentimes we get overwhelmed by all the chores we have to do and sidetracked by other regular and unexpected tasks that creep into the day. So take some time right now to map out your cleaning schedule according to what you want to do and how long you think it normally takes you to get through each task.


We like the idea to focus on one thing per week so you can easily do something each day to accomplish your goal. For example, you can devote the first week to decluttering your apartment, the second to taking care of main chores (like vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning surfaces), the third to conquering your loads of laundry, and the fourth to spiffing up your place by detailing (for example, dusting, vacuuming edges of rooms, cleaning baseboards, and shining stainless steel).



Sometimes the things that clutter up your home and keep you from cleaning are things you’re meaning to decorate with but that you never get around to using. As you’re cleaning, get excited about decorating. Make plans for decorating with items you’re deciding to keep, and then focus on what you can do with other items that deserve to be displayed. Hang frames, decorate your shelves, or finish up a craft project to make your home look extra beautiful and put-together.


Take breaks.

This is worth reminding, considering all the cleaning you may be planning for! Once you start cleaning it can be difficult to stop, but you also need to remember to take care of yourself and not push your body beyond its limits, especially if doing this stresses you out physically or emotionally to the point where cleaning is extra unenjoyable and dreary.


So when you start cleaning, set an alarm on your phone to remind you to take a break within a reasonable amount of time. After about an hour of cleaning, you should give yourself at least a 10-minute break to recharge and evaluate what you’ve accomplished. Eat, drink, and rest, and if necessary, ask a friend or roommate to help you so you have company and extra motivation getting back to work.


What are your best tips for making the most of spring cleaning? Let us know in the comments so we can try them out. Thanks for reading. Good luck!