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Celebrate Women's History Month

Crofton Village Blog, Crofton, MD  March is Women's History Month. Celebrate by making appreciation of  and learning from  women a part of your life.

Welcome back to the Crofton Village Blog! We hope you have a fun, successful, and fulfilling month. To help you out with that, we’re offering our residents a few ideas for how you can celebrate Women’s History Month — a month-long celebration in March that you can apply to your life all year long. Take some action this month in and out of your Crofton, MD apartment in celebration of Women’s History Month.


Mentor a young woman.

Whether you volunteer at your local Girls Scouts of America or Big Brothers Big Sisters club or simply teach a young woman an important life skill you’re good at, you can make a difference and empower future world-changers.


Learn from women.

Lessons can be learned from anyone, anytime, anywhere. Women have a lot to say, and we should listen to them, whether that means taking what a family member says to heart, watching a movie or documentary about women (we recommend Iris on Netflix or Hidden Figures), reading a book by a woman (we recommend Bad Girls Throughout History: 100 Remarkable Women Who Changed the World by Ann Shen), or asking someone to teach you a skill. Whatever it is, remember to listen without getting defensive or offensive, and to look for ways to change in positive ways.


Give a compliment.

Words of encouragement can do a lot to brighten someone’s day. Look for someone to thank this month as you’re learning from different women in history or in your life. It’ll be easy to find great things about them, so try not to let intimidation keep you from expressing your thoughts. Be specific in your words of thanks and in your compliments. Especially if they’re not related to a woman’s looks, this shows you truly notice and appreciate the things that might matter most to them.


What are your favorite ways to celebrate Women’s History Month? Share your ideas with the rest of us by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading.